28 Sep 2018

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Η αθυρόστομη - σεμνή και εκπληκτική ποιήτρια βρίσκεται και στο instagram

Η ανελέητη, εκπληκτική ποιήτρια των Ποιημάτων για Αγάπη και Γαμήσι είναι αναντίλεκτα από τις πλέον αβανγκάρντ προσωπικότητες. Τα λόγια μάλιστα ίσως να αποδεικνύονται φτωχά να σε πείσουν γιατί αξίζει follow και στο instagram. Ίσως μόνο αν τη δεις βιντεογραφημένη να μπορέσεις να αντιληφθείς: Απόλαυσέ την να απαγγέλνει τα αθυρόστομα, αντισυμβατικά της ποιήματα στη συνέντευξη που μόλις μας έδωσε, με αφορμή την κυκλοφορία του νέου της βιβλίου.

Αν στο μεταξύ δεν είσαι ήδη, γίνε εσύ ο/η επόμενος/η AVANT GARDE *follower to follow

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A really bitter-sweet emotional moment today to receive the proof copy of my next novel-in-verse, Just Give Me The Pills. My first book, Love and F**k Poems, was published in 2012 so it has been a LONG time. This book is longer and the themes are much more complex - marriage, divorce, mental illness, motherhood, the migrant experience - this book spans 10 years and was incredibly difficult to birth into the world.Stay tuned for launches in Melb and Cyprus. A quote from @lukalesson "As an Australian of Greek heritage, I know how there can be a culture of silence around taboo subjects within our community. Sometimes this silence is necessary, to protect us from the wider community's insults and bigotry, but at other times it is violently imposed on the younger generations to restrict us from breaking out of archaic cultural norms. This kind of silence often feeds into a cycle of past traumas borne out of experiences of war and migration. I've always seen Koraly Dimitriades as, above all, a viciously fearless poet - and her new collection, 'Just Give Me The Pills' is no exception. For Koraly, a second-generation Cypriot-Australian woman, to openly navigate mental health, sexism, marriage, expectation and motherhood in such a vulnerable and clear way is a priceless moment for Australian writing. It makes me proud not just as a writer to know her, but also as a member of a community that desperately needs more vehemently honest voices like hers".🌹 A quote from Bronwyn Lovell: "Just Give Me the Pills is an extraordinary composition – a defiant portrait of untamed domesticity that is at once tender and fierce. This verse narrative traces the intimate triumphs and falls on one woman’s journey from repression to self-realisation and silence to words, writing the domestic and inner space with a brutal honesty that is candid, unashamed and shockingly moving. Dimitriadis urgently speaks her truth in a voice that is brave, daring and uncensored – exposing herself entirely in an extremity of vulnerability and strength. A feminist anthem for social justice and self-love, Just Give Me the Pills teems with sexuality and bristles with rage – a riveting and compulsive read."

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